Tequila Casamigos

Our client Tequila Casamigos keeps hitting the headlines: started up almost as a joke, based on an idea by George Clooney and two entrepreneur friends of his, it quickly grew into one of the biggest sellers in the USA, so much so that it was acquired by the giant Diageo for 1 billion dollars. 

Casamigos, the tequila with its Hollywood flavour and Tapì closure, looks to have a very bright future ahead of it. It was first made at a distillery in the Mexican state of Jalisco by actor George Clooney and a couple of entrepreneur friends of his. Americans enjoyed the taste so much that it became one of the best-selling tequila brands. This growth made it a target for the drinks giant Diageo, which purchased it last summer for US$700 million, plus a further potential US$300 million over the next decade based on the brand’s performance. Figures such as those of course turned many a head in the media the world over. 


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Tequila Casamigos

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